How to Speak Catster....Like MOL and Stuff

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♥Tuffy- ~doodleϖ- 9;

eat, sleep,- poop, play
Purred: Thu Jan 31, '08 12:13pm PST 

Jadzia Dax- of Rainbow- Bridge

My name is Dax,- and you're in MY- chair!
Purred: Fri Feb 1, '08 5:47pm PST 
At the Rowdy Naughty Bawdy Cats and Dogs (or RNB) group, we have some of our own:

RNB (RnB) = Rowdy Naughty Bawdy
NC = Naughtyhem Castle (where we hang)
CN = catnip ale
catmint julep = mint julep made with catnip
catmint tea = tea from catnip
RR = Rescue Remedy
human kitten = baby
OMC = oh my cod!
BOL = bark out loud (for the K9 members)
*whiskerkisses* = kitsses that tickle (it's a couples' thing)
everycat/everykit = everyone
purrrayers = prayers
knappies = Brit slang for "diapers," but we use it all the time
furknappies = diapers made from fur so they don't show
furgirl = girlfriend
furboy/furguy = boyfriend
twolegs = humans

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Angel- Playful the- Empurress

Empurress from- the House of- Ebersocats
Purred: Sat Feb 2, '08 7:59pm PST 
TTFN = ta ta fur now. MOL.


Otab's Girl
Purred: Sun Feb 3, '08 2:33pm PST 
CRDD=Cats Rule Dogs Drool
DDTC=Don't disturb the cat
IM=Instant Message(ing)
PYWTV=Purr your way to victory! (for sports)
Hiss Pong= Ping pong
GC=Gone Catting
Kitty= Son/Daughter Cat
CP=Corral Page
FRP=Friend Request Page
Purrer=Teacher shock
party wishes cheer


Go to the light.
Purred: Mon Feb 4, '08 5:54am PST 

♥Bern- ny♥

Bernny The- Glamour Cat
Purred: Mon Feb 4, '08 7:28pm PST 
ROFM=roll on the floor meowing
Purrcious=preciou s
Meowhome=my home


Food is life!
Purred: Sun Feb 17, '08 5:13pm PST 
Thank you SO much Play-ful! That was driving me up the wall!

♥Ruby- ♥{Fur- Angel}

I got my- wings...now I- can F-L-Y !
Purred: Wed Apr 1, '09 2:29pm PST 
Meowy Chrismouse - Merry Christmas
Happy Valencat's Day - Happy Valentine's Day
Hoppy Easfur - Happy Easter
Purrlace - Place
Catpagne - Champagne
Efurrybody - Everybody
Beautifur - Beautiful

Angel Sandy

Always an Angel
Purred: Wed Apr 1, '09 3:05pm PST 
Don't be too overwhelmed, newbies (new kitties) we don't use all of them all the time, we usually just use the ones on the first page, I guess it depends also on what group/forum you're on. It doesn't have to be as confusing as learning a new language laugh out loud


Purred: Wed Apr 1, '09 4:29pm PST 
Brofur = brother
Sisfur = sister

Usually use to describe the furry, non-human siblings.

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