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Little Bitty- Loving- Memory

Little Princess
Purred: Mon Jan 21, '08 9:23pm PST 
These are some that I like to use:
Merry Catsmouse-Merry Christmas
Happy Mew Year-Happy New Yearparty
Furkin- Furry companion kitty
*head boinks* ^~)(~^
Dogwash!- hogwash! puppy
OMFW-Oh My Fur & Whiskers! shock
GMSF-Give Me Some Fur! dancing
MKT's-Mice Krispy Treats cloud 9

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Humphrey Lee- Haunted

I Was Born In A- Cemetery
Purred: Mon Jan 21, '08 10:59pm PST 
We shay Kitmus fur Catmus but they're both cool
Furriend fur friend
Efurrypawdy fur everybody
Pawtee fur mew know, party
Mew for you
Fur for for




Give me a cat- w/hair long- beautiful hair
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 3:42am PST 
My family and I have a few we use a lot. We've not seen these done by others. I may be wrong, though.

purrfect - perfect;
purrleasant - pleasant;
cape catter or cat codder - cat version of the Massachusetts drink
cape codder except ours is cranberry juice with catnip;
best purrs - our version of saying best wishes at the end of PMail;
breep- the meow of a Maine Coon;
Purry Mew Year - Happy New Year;
salmon pawty - when Mommy has salmon for dinner & gives us some;
chicken pawty - when Mommy has chicken for dinner & gives us some;
Murrrrraaahhhhhh's - calling sounds of Yingy and Sampy. Only those two say this as Yingy is all Siamese and Sampy 1/4 Siamese;
Sampy only says this when he brings Mommy a mousie or ball. Yingy says it all the time;

Others that I've seen we use too:

purrty - pretty
pawsome - awesome
OMC - oh my cat

Best Purrs,

Bail big grin


A Lover and a- Pouncer
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 12:23pm PST 
Wow there are so many.....I guess I better start learning more..big grin

Monster D- Cat Angel- Kitty

I like my closet
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 1:19pm PST 
oh don't forget the niptini's- catnip martini's

Icebox- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Principles ...- Values ...- Common Sense
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 2:41pm PST 
We use Purry Claws

Icebox- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Principles ...- Values ...- Common Sense
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 2:41pm PST 
We use Purry Claws


cutie,but too- nice
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 4:13pm PST 
Kits N' Cats~ Kittens And Cats


Life begins at 6
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 6:36pm PST 
Purrfect - perfect
Murpday - birthday
Happy Murpday - Happy Birthday


U Giva Me No- Prob, I Giva U- No Smack!
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '08 10:23am PST 
In the CatBlog World (Catmosphere = Blogosphere? Hee, hee!)
I've noticed one popular term.

Bean = Human Being

Pronounced "Be in" as in Human Bein'

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