Introducing Zealies and Stars - Also anyone can get more Rosettes

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Catster HQ

Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 11:57am PST 
Hey Cats,

Lots of kitties have been asking for a long time if there will ever be a way non-Plus members can give away Rosettes and also if a Plus member wants more Rosettes can they get more. Now you can with Zealies.

There is also another new gift - a Star. Stars are like Rosettes but last forever.

Here is the full story:

Let's use this forum to discuss any comments or suggestions on this.


Lucky Boo,- Loved &- Missed

Mommy's Guardian- Angel

Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 12:46pm PST 
This is AWESOME Catster!! I look forward to seeing how we cats will be able to "earn" more Zealies in the future : ) I've been wishing for something I could give to my bestest friends that would stay on their pages forever!! Stars are the BEST!!

Blade- (2000-2010)

Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 1:21pm PST 
Stars are a good idea! What about other things you could 'buy' with zealies such as 'Happy Birthday Balloon' or 'Get Well Bouquet' or other greetings?

♥- Simba- ♥- LOVED

Momma's Girl
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 1:25pm PST 
For the very first time in our whole lives, my brothers and sisters and I agree on something. Even Nero, my nemesis, and I agree: this new idea ROCKS! We just love the permanence of stars and the increased access to rosettes: way to go, HQ!

We also really like Blade's idea of having themed gifts (like the happy birthday balloons and get well bouquets that he mentioned). That would be a great next step for this furbulous new feature.

Buster- (Angel Baby)

Open another- can, I don't- like that one!
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 1:26pm PST 
So is this a one time allotment of Zealies or will Plus member get some each month?


Get outta my- space!
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 1:44pm PST 
We are with you Simba! Finally something all of us agree about! Stars rock!

Edited by author Mon Oct 9, '06 1:44pm PST


Angel- Captain,- Macaroni

Cowcats Rock
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 3:00pm PST 
It is easy to do, I gave a rosette, I am eager to learn how to earn zealies. I have enough trouble coming up with my milk money, so I may have to earn zealies. MOL


snooty puss
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 3:06pm PST 
I just bought me some ZEALIES!!!!! (Gordy doens't get any unless he's nice)
Only problem though- not ALL the kitties I want to give a star to have a gift box button under their picture!
Does anyone know why????

♥- Simba- ♥- LOVED

Momma's Girl
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 3:11pm PST 
Try giving them a treat, Dutchie. That works for me. I think the page just needs to be refreshed. Happy gifting! This is so much fun, but Mommy says I have to stop playing now. Sigh.


snooty puss
Purred: Mon Oct 9, '06 3:25pm PST 
Simba my friend,
You are SO SMART!
100% correct with youy diagnosis and treatment of the "no-gift box hiccup"
So smart...

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