Do sphynx enjoy outings/leaving the house?

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Purred: Sat Jan 17, '15 1:30pm PST 
I am getting my first sphynx in 14 days and yes I'm counting down, I've done endless research and am using a reputable breeder.I only work part time and I actually work at a vets surgery which is amazing!I work 3 half days and have one day per week off where I would be at home all day with her (as well as the weekend) on a Friday I work a full 12 hour shift, on this day I'm on reception at our quietest branch, it's literally just me and one vet- I'm cconsidering taking her into work with me..do you think if I did this from an early age she would enjoy a day out?it is an enclosed reception area and there are also some really modern cosy kennels Iif she needed to go in there for any reason..any thoughts would be appreciated...xx