What do other people Mistaken your Sphynx for?

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Naked never- looked so good!
Purred: Thu Sep 16, '10 3:58pm PST 
Yesterday Mao was out in his stroller, when a random lady came walking up the street towards us. WHen she caught sight of him, she went through a series of emotions trying to figure out what he was. She first though he was "something ferret like", then "the ugliest chihuahua i've ever seen" and finally came to the correct conclusion.

Another common answer I receive is that Mao is a Rex cat. Mao is as hairless as they come,but they always think theres some sort of fur on him.

What about you? What do people often mistake your sphynx for? eek

Bonnie - In Memory

Purred: Tue Sep 21, '10 5:23pm PST 
Ha ha! Yes - I have heard "chihuahua and Devon rex"... And some people get me mixed up with Manx (that's no tail, not no hair, silly...oh well....). Best was: hairless RAT! Yikes!

Kitzie - In Memory

Purred: Wed Oct 6, '10 12:39am PST 
My meomie's friend saw a picture of me on her cell phone today, and thought I was a baby GOAT! Granted, it was an extreme close up, but wow! And Bonnie - you forgot the funniest of all! This happened a few years ago, and is so strange it is true! Remember when you escaped from the house, and the neighbour saw you in the rearview mirror of her car and thought you were a KANGAROO? I am serious! Now, she had just visited Australia (we live in Canada), but shock


Purred: Sun Dec 26, '10 7:02am PST 
I've heard everything from a rat to a skinny pug! I guess not all people can appreciate the cute kitties like we do!

Lord- Voldemort- (aka Mortie)

Purred: Mon Dec 27, '10 12:36pm PST 
I was asked what kind of monkey my little Mortie was while we were shopping in Petco! =]