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Mama's Boy 100%
Purred: Wed May 13, '09 12:40pm PST 
Hi everyone I need sunscreen recommendations, I love hanging around on the screened porch off and on during the day, and my mom's scared to let me out there as much and I want to for fear of a sunburn and sunspots. Is it ok to use baby sunscreen? or do they make a sunscreen specifically for pets?

Kitzie - In Memory

Purred: Thu Jul 30, '09 1:05pm PST 
Hello! As I have read on other posts, it is probably really best to have kitty avoid direct sunlight. Here, though, is a relatively good article about sunscreen and pets (URL below). Remember, though, cats lick themselves, so sunscreen is probably not the best idea... Just my two cents, though!

http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/diseasesandconditions/qt/ petsunscreens.htm