sphynx has allergies

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Purred: Mon Sep 8, '08 8:42pm PST 
My 14 month old male neutered sphynx has recently developed round red bumps on his belly and armpits. My vet says it's allergies. I haven't changed anything that I can think of around the house to cause this. Lately his eyes have been affected as well. One eyelid will start to swell so I give him the vet prescribed pedia pred and it improves within 24 hours. But just as the swelling starts to reduce, the other eyelid puffs up! How can this happen when he is getting the pedia pred? Does anyone have any experience with this kind of problem?

Bonnie - In Memory

Purred: Thu Jul 30, '09 1:09pm PST 
Hi - I hope this is all taken care of by now. One thing about Sphynxes - their eyelids often are genetically "misaligned" and turn inward. This can often lead to irritation. Also, they have no eyelashes to keep out the dust, etc. More cause for irritation. I often got my eyes wiped with a warm, damp cloth every day - seemed to help. Vet did tell me surgery was an option (did not do that - warm wipes helped). In your case, could certainly be allergies or a blockage. Hope it is all under control!