I really want to get a Sphynx

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Its good to be- king
Purred: Wed Sep 5, '07 6:58pm PST 
But my dad things they are ugly I dont know what to do can someone please help me my friend has one and I just love her to death they are soooo cute.


Tastefully Nude
Purred: Fri Sep 7, '07 6:07pm PST 
Have your friend come over with your Sphynx and let your dad experience his personality first hand. One time is all it takes! People absolutely love these cats.


Purred: Mon Sep 10, '07 2:09pm PST 
Thank you so much that is what I might do kitty

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Bonnie - In Memory

Purred: Thu Jul 30, '09 1:21pm PST 
Yes, I was considered VERY ugly by those who saw me. I was even called an "abomination of nature" that should not be alive! YIKES! You will never convince everyone that Sphynxes are gorgeous (just like there are some people who - GASP - hate cats!), but as long as you love your kitty, others will at least ultimately respect your decision.