Allergies? What do you do?

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I was just wondering if any of you deal with allergies, and what you have been doing to help your wheaten?

My foster is currently dealing with this. Poor guy has some serious gas (clear the room cause something died gas), itching his paws, and gulpies.

We are doing an elimination diet right now. Just trying to figure out what exactly is causing the problem.

Anyone else?


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My Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Buckeye, has horrible allergies. confused It bothers him so much in the Spring. At first, we thought they were minor. You know, maybe he was allergic to chicken or grass or something. We switched his dog food to a Potato and Barley formula, which made everything worse. We eventually got him allergy tested and found out the he was allergic to every type of meat- including rabbit and even kangaroo- rice, dust, grass and everything else imaginable. And guess what the top two things on his list were? Potato and Barley. We had know idea how allergic he was to this. We had to switch foods again so he would ease down a little bit with the itching. In the Winter time, his allergies don't bother him too much. Spring time, however, is just miserable. He recently chewed open his bottom and left a big sore. He went to the Vet and we have to put ointment on his bottom every day know (gross!). He has to have a zillion different pills. We were even considering getting him allergy shots. At one point, he was obsessed with chewing his stomach and his skin turned black and blue. He did it to his bottom too. Then, he began chewing his paws. We put a sock on the worst foot- er, paw- so he would not chew the paw pad. kitty

To answer your question, we first reccomend getting an allergy test done. Buckeye can only eat one or two brands of treats. Most of the time, he gets fed carrots, ice cubes or just his kibble for a treat, though. It helps with itching. Do not feed your dog even one piece of people food if you know he has allergies. If he begins chewing his paws- which is the most common sign of allergies- do not put a sock on his paw unless you know he won't take it off and eat it. Buckeye does not bother socks, so he did not mind having it on.

Vet visits help. They will give the pup medicine, and possibly a shot. They will probably start him off on a weaker medicine, and if it does not help enough, they will gradually put him on stronger medicines. Benadryl helps at home. They sell Benadryl at Walgreens, Target, etc. Only give one Benadryl a day.

Thousands of dogs suffer from allergies, including my dog. It is very common in Wheaten's. We know a lot of Wheaten Terriers around our area who have allergies or are expirencing the symptoms of allergies. Oh, and one more thing, after your dog comes in from outside, wipe his paw pads with a wet rag. This helps get the pollen away. Wash the rag after so it does not stay in the house. Bathe him if he is outside for a long time, too.

Good luck and let us know if you have any more questions about Wheatens with allegies. We've had tons of expierence and are willing to pass on out knowledge. smile

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Thankx Buckeye. Sounds like you are doing quit a bit for your guys.

We deal mostly with food allergies. My personal dog is a raw dog (took care of All allergy issues). I would totally start my foster dog Doogie on raw, but he probably won't go to a home that does that. I hope they do go that route (I will send info with him). We do kibble (if I must) with no grains. Plus, Doog gets the odd chicken foot and whatnot...he lurves those nights, bol!

The rescue's vet is awesome! She has many years experience with wheatens and knows how to help our furbabies and their problems. wink She doesn't usually recommend the allergy test for our dogs. We just start with an elimination diet, and then once you are going steady, then you start to add an ingredient at a time. Once you can narrow down what it giving you problems you can go from there. The first step is usually cutting the grains from the diet.

You might look into joining our wheaten group on yahoo. Loads of knowledge.

Anyone else dealing with allergies as well?

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Knowing that Wheatens can be prone to allergies, I was concerned prior to getting Fergus. When he came home, I changed his food to Orijen, a grain-free kibble. However, when he was 5 months old, I took the plunge and switched to raw. We've had no issues with allergies, and I'm really hoping that it stays that way with the help of the raw food. smile

I bathe him with Tropiclean's oatmeal shampoo, too.

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I am glad to hear that you are concerned for Fergus's allergies! Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are prone to flea allergies, but mine has outdoor and food allergies. He might be allergic to fleas, but we've never had problems with that.

Raw diet is probably the best you can do for a dog with allergies. Most dogs are not allergic to meats. My dog has allergic reactions to kangaroo, rabbit, duck, chicken, and a few other meats. Therefore, we do have to stay away from feeding a raw meat diet. We stay on Instinct gran-free kibble that has Tapioca. Tapioca is an all natural ingredient that is extracted from the root of the cassava plant. This is an amazing ingredient in this food because there are no known allergies to Tapicoa.

If you think your Wheaten Terrier has allergies, get a grain free food or a food with one of the main indgredients of Tapioca. Try to stay away from treats with grains, too. I always find treats with minimum indgredients, such as Wellness treats. Buckeye can eat these and does not have an allergic reaction. I feed him the Venison Jerky and Venison and Salmon treats. I have also made treats before. Buying liver treats is great for him, too. I also feed Milk Bones every once in a while, but there are a few indgredients in this brand that he can not have.

So, over all, just stay away from grain treats and food. Find treats with minimum indgredients, or even make your own treats. Wheaten Terriers are great dogs, but they can have severe allergies. Make sure you watch you Wheaten. If he is itching excessively or licking his paws, this could be a sign of allergies. You need to switch to a different food, get him allergy tested and/or find different treats to feed. We even know someone with a Wheaten that doesn't buy treats. When giving their Wheaten a reward, they give her an ice cube. We also reccomend give carrots or bananas as a treat for your dog.

Let me know if you have any other questions relating to Wheaten Terriers and allergies. Paw Mail me or just post a response. I often go on the Wheaten Terrier forum! big grin


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I have a 8 month old Wheaten and I think he is starting to get allergies. I am familiar with Wheaten's and knew when I got him that they can be prone to allergies and from the beginning I've fed him food for allergy prone dogs. He's a very picky eater so I recently changed his food and now notice that he is ichy and scratching all the time. He also has sores and scabs on his skin. Are the sores and scabs caused from the allergy? Is there anything I can do, I just feel terrible for him.

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Hi Oliver!

You are such a cute guywave

What are you feeding right now? Have you looked into an elimnation diet?

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Annie has itching problems and they have improved when I switched to high quality natural foods with no grains. The itching still happens just a lot less and I think it happens to be a local plant life issue. She is now staying with my brother and with in a day of getting there her itching was gone completely.