Introducing - ME!

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Iz a predator!
Purred: Sat Jun 11, '11 5:23pm PST 
Hi all,

This seems like a pretty quiet forum, so I figured I would post and see if we can get some action going here. I'm a 6 month old Showshoe named Nestle. My mom says she named me that because I don't have the full snowshoe mask and it looks like I was licking hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. hehehe

I came to my mom in pretty rough shape. My fur-mom was one of about 80 purebreed cats some crazy lady in NY had. Most of which were like my mom and not fixed so they couldn't have more kittens. Long story short, the crazy ladies house got fleas and she flea-bombed the house with my fur-mom and all her friends inside. My fur-mom was one of the lucky ones that lived, but, she was already pregnant with me and my 4 brothers and sisters. Long story short, my mom and her friends were placed in temporary homes and my fur-mom ended up with this other crazy back-yard breeder lady... I will say this. This new lady was at least well intentioned, but, didn't know nearly as much about cats as she thought she did. In the end, only my sister and I lived. My mommy had been looking for a siamese kitten to keep my big brother, Archer, company and came across an add for Snowshoes needing a home. She came to see me when I was only 7 weeks old and of course, how could she NOT fall in love with me. I could see the pain in her face at having to leave me there with my fur-mom for another 2 weeks. The 2 weeks went by really slowly and I was starting to not feel very well. Luckily, my Mommy came to get me just in time. I had started loosing weight because the other lady was giving me milk to drink. My new mommy explained to me that kittens shouldn't drink milk and after I got used to this whole water thing, Im never going back!

My mommy took me right to the vet and after a couple weeks of good food and nasty stuff in the dropper that Momma assured me would get rid of the ringworm, I was finally feeling better and got to meet my big brother, Archer. I was also surprised to find out that there was a 9 yr old human kitten here for me to play with too!!!

So, that's how I got my mommy and the two best big brothers ever!!! Im still a complete mommys girl though... kitty

How'd you meet your mommys and daddys in your purrfect furrever home?