Sad Snowshoe

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I know how- awesome I am
Purred: Mon Jul 7, '08 9:23pm PST 
Whenever i leave mackie gets very upset and when i get home he wont leave me my side.. follows me from room to room talking and talking and talking... he seems to have serious anxiety...i'm not sure what to do.. does anyone else have this problem!?! ideas?!

Button Sue- Adamthwaite

Purred: Mon Sep 8, '08 5:53am PST 
yes yes yes!

We leave for New York every year for 4-5 days. My kitties are the only ones I know that have a nanny come 2 times a day for litter and food. The first year we left when we had them, the nanny called to tell me that Button was throwing up every where. We got home, Ellie started to as well, but button was way worse. Long story short, 120.00 later at the vet to find out she has "separation anxiety" ugh. I am her pet, she loves everyone else, but I am hers smile
If I leave for more than an overnight, she totally shuns me for the first 12 hours and smooches on my husband. Then she forgives and follows me everywhere.

I hope this helps. I am always interested in people who have snowshoes. take a look at mine, Button is beautiful smile

have a good day,


Mystiek aka- Tiki

King Tiki
Purred: Sat Nov 1, '08 6:16am PST 
My Tiki does the same thing. When we went to see our son in SC my daughter came and took care of him and when we got home he was very happy to see us and he wouldn't leave us alone. When I go outside he gets in the window and meows and watches me and if I get out of his view he really starts talking until he sees me again. I have never had a cat that has done this before. He follows me everywhere in the house including the bathroom and if he doesn't make it in before the door shuts he lays by the door and sticks his paw under the door. I do love my Tiki.


Peter- 19 pounds of- love
Purred: Mon Dec 1, '08 3:36pm PST 
My mommy gives me Bach remedies to help with my separation anxiety. I would ignore her when she came back (after I would leave a present for her in her shoes), and love on my dad instead. This is really the only time I would pay any attention to him.


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Purred: Fri Dec 19, '08 7:38pm PST 
Mom was worried about leaving me alone at first until she realized that Buddy doesn't care about me bugging him when I feel lonely. I like to take my naps near mom and dad though. Mom keeps on saying that this is normal for my breed and I believe her since dad always makes fun of her for being a crazy cat lady.


mama's boy
Purred: Wed Jan 7, '09 7:49am PST 
I couldn't go on trips with mommy the car ride made very sick, and I would panic very bad. when mommy would get home from a trip I would not let her out of my site and I would talk to her alot but if she touched me at all I would bit her to show her I was mad. when mommy would leave for her 12 hour shift at work I was the same but then mommy started talking to me before work and telling me she loved but had to go to work but she would be back in the morning and to be a good boy, and when she got home she fed me and took me to bed with her for alot of snuggles and sleeping. That made it much better other people thought mommy was crazy talking to me like that but I did understand mommy and it made me feel better.


Bella of- Rhyolite
Purred: Tue Feb 10, '09 9:21am PST 
Oh no sad snowshoe! I had this problem only with a canine, and it never got better, sorry to say. Once these guys decide that you are the source of their security that is it.
Of all the cats my absolute favorite is my snowshoe! I have a ragdoll that has the most beautiful feet! I had a siamese that weighed 21 lbs and he had feet like a jackrabbit! We lost him a year and a half ago but he was absolutely beautiful!
Talk to your vet and keep trying, maybe your cat will be the one to improve? We send happy purrrrs to you!


Purred: Thu Jul 4, '13 1:59pm PST 
It's also a good thing to note that Snowshoes, in general, are very vocal cats. It may not actually be anxiety that he is expressing, it may just be that he is telling you about what he did while you were gone. Stewie, when he was younger, used to always tell me about his day (in that awesome low Snowshoe growl) and now that he is a bit older he sings to me sometimes. If he is getting sick when you leave (like actually vomiting) then maybe you could try a pet sitter or simply going to your veterinarian and seeing if they prescribe him an anti-anxiety pill that you can give him when you know you'll be leaving for many hours.