TWO PART QUESTION, please help me!

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Princess Mits
Purred: Fri Dec 13, '13 12:12pm PST 
#1: Do I look Siamese?

I know mittens is mixed (a friend of a friend let there cat out came home pregnant) but im curious as to what breed she is because I have had people ask if she is and he talks a lot! which leads me to my second question: how do you deal with them talking so much in the morning? ill leave a link to my original post about my lack of sleep but basically, she wakes me every single morning, meowing and howling. anywhere from 4-7 she will start and wont stop till sometimes around 11. I though I was go here because Siamese are very well known to be talkative and I thought you guys might have some advice?

TIAhappy dance

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