Meowy Christmas, Ha-purry Hanukkah and a Ha-purry New Year

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Sept. born and- sapphire- eyes-Sapphira!
Purred: Tue Dec 13, '11 4:35pm PST 
Shmuel and I along with our catmommy Yaffa, and the boys (Avichai,13 Asher, 12 and Arieh, 11) would like to wish all our Catster friends a wonderful holiday season full of family, friends, love, belly-rubs and purrs!!!!! We miss our (angel) Daddy, but know he will be celebrating with us from Heaven!!!!!

We're going to try to knock down the Hannukah menorah on the evening of the 20th...but Mommy says we won't get to play with our catnip dreidels if we do! Perhaps we'll behave after all...wink

Love, Sapphira & Shmuel, Siamese extraordinaire...