Am I a snowshoe?

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Purred: Sun Apr 3, '11 2:30pm PST 
Help! I was adopted from Animal Services and do not know if I am a Snowshoe or just a mutt. Does anyone have an answer for me?


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well you certainly look like one!
however it is really hard to tell with an unknown history. Cats can be rather difficult to pick out purebred from mix breed with no registry papers.
Until I looked it up myself, I thought snowshoes were just a mix of siamese but TICA has been recognizing them as breed since 1994.
I'm pretty sure you can safely call yourself a snowshoe though smile


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Purred: Mon Jun 13, '11 7:20pm PST 
You look just like me!!!! cheer

I have to agree though, it's hard to know for sure without papers... Are you as talkative as I am my mommy? Mommy says that she never has to question whats on my mind... hehehe

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Congratulations ! Weezy. I would say you ARE a Snowshoe ~ Two most distinct points of a snowshoe are the White paws (all 4 ) and the Seal Point look of the bread Siamese. I own a Snowshoe Siamese, ( Named: Tipp-it,) bought from a breader. And you have the exact same points as my Tipp-it.


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Well, I don't think your a 'mutt', but you do look like a Siamese cross with snowshoe, I would love to have a cat like you....But i'm sure Mikko wouldn't like that so he stays the one and only cat....For now hehe