Do you think one of my parents was Siamese?

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For years we've wondered what breed our Kitty Noisy is. She appears to be a mix, but we wonder if she is part Siamese. We don't know too much about the breed, other than what we've seen here on Catster, so I thought maybe owners who know the breed best can tell us if you think she has Siamese genes. She's beautiful no matter what breed she is, we're just curious...especially when she looks at us with those amazing blue eyes. She has white paws, but she does have the "blue" and "lilac" coloring mixed throughout. She's recently been diagnosed with Asthma too, which I hear is more common in Siamese cats. If she is part Siamese it would like to identify her as such, and learn more about the breed and their characteristics.
Thanks for reading!
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the coloringof your kitty seems to be a lynx pt, lynx pt is just adifferent siamese color, go to google.com type in"siamese colors" there there is lots of colors inthe siamese color system, just most people dont know of them and call them mix's because they just do not know, the unknown knowledge scares people to new things, most people dont like to know.

i used to have 2 lynx points (purebred) thecolor of your kitty. also chocolates, seal & blues.

lynx pts can be blue, red, tabby points also vary also.
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Hmmm kinda looks like a Torti Point to me in some of the pictures too. Very pretty cat I must say, any which way. way to go The other thing about your cat that makes it seem like one of her parents were Siamese are Noisy's blue eyes. I had a pure black kitty that had a Calico Mother and a Siamese Father. The only way you'd know he was part Siamese without knowing his parents were that he had a kink in his tail like some Siamese do. laugh out loud

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You look part Siamese to me, and maybe lynx I don't know. I think your Siamese/Snowshoe, but not for sure. So yes, one of your parents must have been Siamese, or at least part. smile

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