New and First Meezer-- Will she get along?

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Queen of- Heaven... until- subjects arrive
Purred: Fri Oct 15, '10 7:32am PST 
Hello! I'm very new here, and a girl just adopted me. I was with my previous owner the vast majority of my life, though I took to my new one at the shelter pretty well. I'm about to get surgery tomorrow morning, so I'm not going to be in my new home until tomorrow afternoon.

I was informed about another kitty, about 5 months old, that already lives there. I'm two and a half. Do you think we can get along? I used to live with two other cats and even a small dog!

I'm really stressing out!! Do you think I'll adjust ok? Will my new mama have to make any accommodations for me? Do you think she can handle my Siamese attitude?


(side note from mama: I know each kitty is it's own individual, but as a whole for the breed, is there anything I should know?)