How to tell?

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We're a multi-cat home with a new stray kitten, abt 4 mo old. He's the strangest looking kitten I've ever seen - black, angular, very lean and muscular, long skinny legs, long pointy tail, big ears, and bony feet. I'm curious about whether he might be part Siamese.

Here's my question - is there a particular coat texture for Siamese? His body coat is slightly coarse with long silver hairs coming in everywhere except his points. The texture is really similar to a Siamese I lived with, but very different from all our other kitties. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

Angel Hallie- (5-15-96/11-- 7-12)

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Quite frequently, a cat with Siamese heritage will exhibit the long lean slender body & head style of the Siamese. The Oriental Shorthair is a good example of a breed that was created from Siamese mixes with ordinary coloration, then selectively bred for the slender body & head type.

Other cats who have Siamese heritage may show no evidence of Siamese at all in their appearance. Hallie is one of those...but the second she opens her mouth, her Siamese heritage is unmistakable.

The one trait that seems to be most persistent in cats with Siamese in their background, is the typical Siamese vocalizations. No other cat is quite like the Siamese or Siamese mix when it comes to "talking". These cats tend to be loud and to have a feline comment or multiple comments about everything. They are the kind of cat who if you speak to the cat, the cat is very likely to loudly meow right back at you and then say a few more things in felinese!!! Once you've been around a Siamese and become familiar with the breed's vocal traits & talkativeness, its easy to recognize when you hear it. Siamese & Siamese mixes really CAN make sounds that eerily resemble the cries of a human baby and some of them will almost seem to be trying to say words. I remember when I was a kid, my half Siamese cat (who was a red mackerel tabby and didn't look Siamese, silenced all the ppl in the room when we were singing happy birthday to my grandmother and the cat clearly uttered ga-ma-ma!!!!

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I have the same questions!!!

I have what I think is a part smokey point saimese and part tabby. I've often thought maybe she was oriental and not siamese given the Oriental background and since her mother fits the same description as your new found kitty. The mother who was owned by a friend of mine; was all black slender but muscular, round green eyes and long legs with big ears.

They were both very vocal and yes I swear my cat tries to mimic my laugh, say my name or even Mom. Her mom was too young for her first litter and abandoned the baby. I've had the baby since she was two days old. She is very attached to me and won't let anyone else touch her but definately not afraid of them. She's actually very friendly and greets everyone by entagling herself between their legs. I always tell people that she likes to pet you but pet her at your own risk. She is very trainable and has at least 10 vocal commands down on point. Although she gives back attitude and lip she always listens; eventually. And when she's happy she cooes like a pigeon. Not that it matters but would you say she fits more of the Oriental or Siamese traits?