Hello From Lilly To Fellow Meezers!

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Masked Cutie
Purred: Fri Apr 17, '09 10:29pm PST 
Lilly is a girl - a traditional Seal Point Siamese with beautiful blue eyes. She's small with a stocky build and says hello to fellow Meezers! winkcheercheercheercheerwave


dina danushka- aka segnorita
Purred: Sun Apr 18, '10 10:15am PST 
Hellow Lilly !!

I'm also new to this site, welcome and affectionate meow laugh out loud

Steinem - In Memory

Let\'s see what- we can get into- to
Purred: Sun Apr 18, '10 6:09pm PST 
Hi, Lilly. I don't look like a Meezer but I acted like one. That's why Mom now has two brand new Meezer mixes; I was such a great experience for her. laugh out loudlaugh out loud She's still getting acquainted with the new guys and working on their pages.

Kitty- Skyfish- (8/00 - 10/13)

I didn't do it!
Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 11:43am PST 
Welcome Lilly! I'm a fellow meezer and glad to make your aquaintance. wave I'm a seal point as well, but growing darker over the years. I guess pretty soon I'll just be a SEAL!

kittykittykitty hug