Is My Kitten Siamese?

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Oh my, kittens!
Purred: Thu Feb 14, '08 12:57am PST 
Hi! I just had a litter a week ago today I'm a brown tabby with white spots and my kittens daddy is also a brown tabby (Our mom was a black and white stray)

I have four kittens two are partial brown tabbies like me with white spots, and one is black. However one of my kittens is all white and we noticed today his ears and tail are starting to have a hint of gray to them. Also his nose was pink at birth and today I noticed it had turned darker gray.

So do you suppose my baby is Siamese? How fast will his color turn if he is? I know the gene that causes points is activated by cold, but roughly how long will it take to develop enough markings we could know for sure. I hear breeders often know early on what coloration their kittens will be.

Since I'm a Tabby is it possible he might even be a lynx point?

Thanks so much.