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Cat Portraits =^.^=

This is a forum for bonding with your fellow Catsters about the traits, quirks and idiosyncrasies of your favorite breed. Please remember that there are absolutely no animal sales or requests for studding or breeding allowed on our sites. All posts and interactions should be in the spirit of Catster's Community Guidelines and should be fun, friendly and informational. Enjoy!


Cat Artist- http://lizakrame-
Purred: Tue Dec 4, '07 12:58pm PST 
Hello, my meowmy is a cat artist. She has a website:

If you are interested in a portrait drawn of your cat, email me. Drawings are $30 plus shipping. Art on my site is also for sale if interested.

Liza and Eva smile

Tinker Bell- 2003-2006

The life of a- friend is always- too short
Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 2:46pm PST 
red faceI wanted one, but my dad would kill me if I spent money over the internet.

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Purred: Tue Mar 4, '08 9:35am PST 
Wow, your work is wonderful. I may consider asking you to do a picture I have of my babies & they are siamese lol! I'll have to think about it though!


Cat Artist- http://lizakrame-
Purred: Tue Apr 1, '08 12:42pm PST 
Hello, here are some of my recent paintings!

[IMG] engalsm.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] pp/ljkblacksm.jpg[/IMG]

I'm considering putting them on ebay in the future. My ebay name is: lizajl

Check out my website and the link - paintings for sale.

Don't 4get to sign my guestbook!
Liza smile

♦- SACHIN- ♦

Purred: Wed Apr 9, '08 12:55pm PST 
Hi Eva,

Its me Sachin, I am not sure I was able to get the photo bucket links to work, I tried to paste them into a browser and got a photo not avail message...?