help please

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Purred: Mon Dec 3, '07 11:55am PST 

I am hoping some one can help. My kitten has been very lethargic the past few weeks. She use to be very active. She would constantly fetch for us and play alot. She has not done any of these things lately She constantly sleeps.

I also noticed that one of her eyes has changed colors. The left one is now green and it was crystal blue when we first got her. I have also noticed her squinting alot in that eye.

She goes to the bathroom fine and eats just fine too. I did notice she no longer eats wet food. I was given her this once a day 1/2 small can. We use all the best food for her too.

She has all of her shots to date and the next appointment will be to have her fixed.

So can someone tell me if i should be worried?

I truly thank anyone that can help me here.

take care


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Purred: Sat Jan 19, '08 1:05pm PST 
since this was posted last month, I hope you have sorted the problem, but she needed to see a vet asap

hope she is recovering