Am I a seal point or chocolate point?

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Let me take my- time
Purred: Fri Apr 6, '07 8:41pm PST 
Okay, Mommy has listed me as a chocolate point because that's how they classified me at the shelter. The previous shelter (I was a transfer) had me as white and grey!?????
Anyway, Mommy is wondering if I am technically chocolate or seal? Sorry that my photos aren't that great so far. I am still having issues with trust and socialization and do NOT pose for pictures yet. My nose is VERY dark, looking almost black, but my ears, paws etc are definitely chocolate brown.
Thanks, experts!!


Hold Me, Love- Me, Never Let Me- Go
Purred: Sat Apr 7, '07 8:40pm PST 
Hi there Dash! wave My Mom thinks you look like a Chocolate Point and a very handsome one too! Hopefully, we can see more pictures of you soon....

Purrs Phoenix


Let me take my- time
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '07 7:14am PST 
Thanks for the clarification! Mom wasn't so sure because of how dark my nose is!
Mommy and Daddy have been trying to get some good photos of me but I keep closing my eyes! I have big blue eyes and Mom says she wants people to see how pretty they are.
I am getting MUCH better at being a part of the family. I have been more playful lately, I eat really well, even with Mommy in the room and she can hear me running around alot.
I shook like I was having seizures when I was in the shelter. It was awful. Daddy thought I wasn't going to be able to handle any type of interaction and here I am, acting like I've been here forever! In fact, I am a total affection hog! If Mom is petting Ava, I push right past and get between them. I keep thinking Mom won't notice and will just keep petting/scratching away!
Anyway, Happy Easter/Passover/Spring!
Thanks again!
All the best,


Sweet girl.
Purred: Mon Apr 9, '07 2:40pm PST 
From what I can tell, I would agree that you're probably a ChocoPoint, but the best way to tell is -- your pawpad color. If the pads are black (or very, very dark) then you're a Seal point, if they're cinnamon color (like the spice, with pink undertones, though this can still be dark), then you're a chocopoint.

Mr. Echo

Purred: Mon Apr 9, '07 3:13pm PST 
I also agree you're chocolately like me! My points are pretty dark, but my toe pads are that cinnamon color.

Solimai Noel- Schultz

I may be little,- but I run this- house!!
Purred: Tue Apr 10, '07 6:20am PST 
You are a yummy Choc. Point! Like me!


Let me take my- time
Purred: Thu Apr 12, '07 8:29am PST 
Wow, Yuki, thanks for the 'test'! That's cool! Great name btw!
Yeah to chocolate points and seal points! It doesn't matter what I am, 'cause Mommy loves me just right anyway!
Well let you know what the verdict is.

Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

Casey, the Meezer Diva!

I'm a- Diva...that is- all.
Purred: Fri Apr 20, '07 10:46pm PST 
You and me - we have the same colouring!! smile

I'm a chocolate point siamese, probably mixed with something else tho, due to my medium length fur.

Prince Tai

Bow to me,- foolish mortals!
Purred: Sat Apr 21, '07 11:48am PST 
What exactly do those terms mean? I'm listed as chocolate, but I'm not as brownish as you guys.


I'm her Handsome- Jack Jack!
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '07 6:56am PST 
Hehehe, Im a choclate point with a touch of vanilla! kitty

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