Second one here!

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Sapphire- *Icestar*

Icestar, leader- of SkyClan
Purred: Thu Mar 8, '07 4:38pm PST 
WOW!shock I am the second one here!dancing


I am sexy,- aren't I?!
Purred: Wed Mar 14, '07 10:31pm PST 
Me too. *grins*


Chey's Purroud- Hubby!
Purred: Sat Mar 17, '07 7:42pm PST 
Me three!


Mrs. Moody Pants
Purred: Tue Mar 20, '07 7:05am PST 
Me forth!

Casey, the Meezer Diva!

I'm a- Diva...that is- all.
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '07 8:46am PST 
Hehe....you guys are funny! wink

Hi Sapphire, Lemur, Simba!! I'm Casey, Marie's big sis (in case you didn't realize it). She wants to say hi to you all, but you know, it's kinda awkward in a meezer forum....

Hi Lunamis, don't think we've met before, hope to get to know you better!

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