Feed feral cats on vacation?

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I am new here, so please forgive me if I post in the wrong section. I am currently on vacation in Turkey, and there are many feral cats here.

I have a cat myself back home in the U.S. and as a natural reaction have been feeding the feral cats when they come and cry for food.

My family and some neighbors tell me that I am doing a disservice. That these cats (some adults, some kittens) need to learn to hunt for themselves and will be worse off once I leave.

I am very conflicted. There are no shelters or anything like that. These cats usually hunt the mice, rats, and even snakes during the winter I believe. During the spring/summer months, people come and feed the cats and then leave.

So, I did not start this cycle, but my conscience is hurting, especially 'cause I see no way of really helping them at this moment. The Turkish government has started programs, but those have not reached here yet.

Long story short, I am here for another week and am struggling to decide if I should feed them or not. After I am gone, realistically, others will feed them for a while longer until they leave. Then they will have to hunt. Some of them already do, but probably the kittens have not learned to hunt as much yet.