Need a home in the Buffalo, NY area

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We have a change in our living circumstances and unfortunately need to find a home for our 2 cats. We absolutely cannot take them with us and although I do know of some families they could go to, I am not comfortable with it for their safety. They have always lived in the country, are indoor/outdoor that receive regular vet checkups shots etc. They do not know what a busy street/road is or what it means to be full of fleas. Their personalities are more like dogs and would be perfect for an elderly person or senior couple looking for companionship. They would rather sit on your lap and snuggle but are also completely ok with having to be alone. They use a cat door, but will come when called!! They are very people friendly, fine with all ages, but not particularly fond of dogs, especially ones that would chase. I think they would learn to adjust to a mellow laid back dog. They are 8 years old and are litter mates and need to remain together because they have never been apart. One is a tiny 9 lb. gray spayed female, and the other is a 14 lb. tiger neutered male. We have had them since they were 8 weeks old. We have until November to locate an approved home for them, we are reaching out for help. We don’t’ want them to go to just anyone and I just can’t handle the idea of having to put them in a shelter in a cage with the hope they will find a good home and not be put down.

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I'm sorry about your situation. How come you can't take them to the new place? Have you tried looking for pet friendly housing? I'm sure there's plenty around. Good luck. smile