Pal or no pal?

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Purred: Thu Dec 13, '12 4:14am PST 
I am debating adopting another kitty so JC has some company when we are not home. JC has spent his whole life with our dog Samson, they were buddies. Samson passed away Nov 19th and now JC is home alone. Our previous cat Mystique had passed away in 2011. We give him lots of lovings but I feel so bad when we are gone, it is obvious he is lonely. He follows us from room to room and greets us when we come in the door.

So I am looking for some input for anybody who has had this experience. I have had multiple cats before and the house if very pet friendly, but I am not sure how he will take to a new cat. JC will be 10 years old in March.

Thanks for your advice smile

Buddy Bolden

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Purred: Thu Dec 13, '12 11:24am PST 
Look into adopting a senior cat, near the age of your cat. Senior cats are always the last taken at a shelter or rescue. And, the shelter or rescue can know if they are good with other cats, etc. etc. You will be doing your cat and the one who adopts you a big favor.

Good Luck....

The New Orleans Kitties


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I agree with Buddy Bolden. Another cat around the same age would be your best bet. Depending on your cat you may want to look at a cat of the opposite sex as some males usually get along better with females and vice versa. Good luck!
P.S Sorry to hear about Samson and Mystique! frown

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