CHICAGO AREA KITTIES: Equipment Assistance Needed!!

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Hi everyone. I'm looking to see if anyone in the Chicagoland area can help me. I am looking for one of those large cages/crates that you sometimes see in shelters or adoption events where a cat can fit along with litter box, bed, and food/water bowls. I am looking to borrow one for possibly 1-2 weeks, possibly starting in about two weeks or so. I live in the western suburbs, and have access to a large SUV.

The following explains my situation and why I am requesting help with this endeavor....

I believe that I am unexpectedly taking in my sister-in-law's cat (who's residing w/another family member now) soon and my house is not configured to keep her and the rest of my cats separated while I try to socialize them safely and properly.

I have an elderly front de-clawed (and VERY emotionally sensitive) girl kitty and a VERY dominant fully clawed 6 y.o. girl kitty (she's our hunter). Needless to say, my girls are not crazy about each other anyways, and I'm scared to add another one to the mix. My sister-in-law's cat is a female, front-declawed, & approx. 8 years old. She's VERY territorial and basically a bully. She's currently residing in another family member's home where she's terrorizing the other resident cat (even on her first day there). The reason why she might come to me is that the family member is taking in another relative's cat (who's a senior and special needs) and they're scared for his safety (if she stays, that will be 3 cats in a tiny apartment- who will constantly be fighting). My sister-in-law is temporarily living in another country for approximately another year and does not want to give up her cat. She is a very nice cat when there's not another cat around. She previously met my girls, and it was not cute. my girls who don't like to be 2 feet in distance from each other, were huddled together in fear when confronted by her (note, they were in HER house though at the time, so that's understandable).

I really hope I can socialize them to each other so we can live in relative peace. I have heard of several tips/suggestions on how to integrate them, but knowing them personally, believe the crate is the best way to keep everyone safe, at least until they get used to each other's smell.

I am even willing to pay a small renter's fee if need be. Please note that I am currently unemployed and cannot afford to spend a lot of money. If anyone can help, i would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. Thanks for your time and sorry for the long post!!

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Try posting a want ad on the Chicago FreeCycle group: http://groups.freecycle.org/chicagofreecycle/posts/all


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you could try Craig's list too - Maybe try calling a few shelters to see if they have one you could borrow. Or maybe a vet office? They may be willing especially if they know you are keeping another cat out of the "shelter system" You could try Paws Chicago - I don't know if they have any, but may be able to steer you in the right dirction. They are awesome in helping with feral program (I just TNR 7 of my 10)