Dont know what to do..

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Ive been feeding a male feral cat for years. Yesterday when he was waiting out side to be fed I called him over to his dish, and as I was saying sssspppsaaaaapppsppp another cat came out of the woods followed by three little kitten heads that popped up behind her, they are so adorable but I hate to see this grow into something bigger. Do I trap and bring them to a pet store? Do I bring them to the towns ASPCA? Im so heartbroken and sick to my stomach over it. The cost of TNR and feeding the cats are not within my budget.

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Hi....KK Kitties.....we suggest you contact shelters and Foster Groups in your area. Some may have made arrangements with local vets to spay or neuter strays at either a very lost cost or for free. This is the best thing you can do with strays, it sure helps keep the population down.

We were lucky enought to find out about this program last year, and had four cats spayed for FREE!!!! They were ferals who adopted us, and just last week, we got our newest furry family member spayed for $10. And best of all, the vet's office is just across the street from our meowmy's office. Did not know if you all had read about it, but we lost Louis Armstrong in April to a heart attack.

Hope you all are doing well....we are keeping fingers and paws crossed as Hurricane Issac approaches the New Orleans area.

Your Furriends,
The New Orleans Kittieswavewave


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Thank you my New Orleans friends, I have to get moving on this as they are still young and adoptable, the one calico is amazingly beautiful, the tuxedo looks like the dad, and the orange one.. is very orange smile MOL.
Baten down the hatches and keep us posted on your safety.


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boy do I hear you - I started out feeding 2, and at one point there were 12. I am down to between 6 & 8. I found an organization that helps subsidize the TNR efforts & another that has a monthly food donation for a colony caretaker. Around here, unless the kittens are less than 8 weeks old, they won't take them, and most shelters will put ferals down without question. So for me this is the best solution.