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Where can I take 2 feral young male tuxedos and a spayed dilute tortie for rescue? I'm 60 miles south of Chicago, all local agencies have turned them away and I already have cats of my own.

I can pet 2 before they're fed, but otherwise they're not approachable.


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I hate to say that you will have a hard time finding someone to take ferals. I have been trying. I am just south of Chicago. The best thing is TNR - not the most ideal, but if they are taken to an animal shelter, they are put down. You can check with Triple R Pets (they are who I have been dealing with) or try a PAWS shelter to help direct you, but with kitten season now, it makes it really hard.


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Tigger is right. TNR (Trap Neuter Return)is one of the best solutions.smile But If anything goes wrong, I could always take them. I take care of ferals across the United States. Keep us posted, Alleyhappy dance