Advice desparately needed regarding orphaned litter of kittens my neighbor "owns"

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QGM- Harlequin- (Striped- Seven)

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I am glad they are doing well!

They are going to new homes in 2 weeks? Isn't that a little young?

Also, is it possible to keep the kittens together? Kittens do much better when kept with their littermates until they go to their new homes, as they are learning a lot from each other at this age and if they are not able to interact with littermates they miss out on behavioral learning and socialization which is important for development at this stage. This is especially important with orphans since they are already missing out on the learning they would normally receive from their mother.

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Mighty Monk Monk
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GOOD FOR YOU in saving these kittens - I did the same thing around the same time - yet I was called to let me know there were stray kittens around my freinds house and since she could not take care of them I decided to pick up the kittens and foster them LUCKLY I DID get them! The one had a puncture wound and the next day I had to take her to the vets she had a fever of 104 and it had abcessed - but just like your kittens she is well and her brother are now (after three weeks of me fostering them)going to their furrever home tomorrow! Its people like you that step in to do the RIGHT THING! GOD BLESS YOU!


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Another update!!

All the kittens are on softened kibble now and doing GREAT. They are all together now--I had just wanted to keep the kitten with pneumonia separate from her siblings for a little bit until she had regained her strength and caught up with them, developmentally. smile Two of the five are already spoken for, but we're holding onto the litter for another week or so. They're all playing like crazy and are into everything. They seem to be doing really, really well, and the homes we have lined up so far are GREAT ones. We're really trying hard to find people who want to adopt siblings together, so that the kittens will have a friend to play with. Thanks everyone for your support! I'll try to post some pics, since they're pretty adorable (I know all kittens are, but these are EXTRA adorable).


Growing up with - TORTITUDE
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applause hail applause

And YOU are EXTRA special for saving these kitties and making sure they are being taken care of.

Thanks so much for remembering to give us updates. So great to hear how well they are doing. And we would all luv to see pictures!

Irma Thomas

Purred: Fri Jun 15, '12 7:08am PST 
Have not had time for Fourms, and just got to the end of this story, and SO GLAD it has a happy ending. Yes, BLESS YOU for saving these helpless little kittens, and finding them loving, furrever homes.

I would also love to see photos of them. You saved these precious babies from either certain death, or if they had survived, short, hard lives.

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Phoenix-Naom- i

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Wow, such a pawsome story! You so did the right thing. I am alive because peeplz cared enough to not stop lookin' for me and when they found me, my foster mom and her vet would not give up. I probably be close to the same age as your babies. I 5 1/2 weeks now. My sibling, sadly, was not found in time and died. All to say that I am now happy, mostly healthy, like your sweet baby. Although I have don't have another kitten around, just grownup cats, I am socializing just fine. Your little one will, too. You are pawsome. Special blessings on you for daring to do the right thing!

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