Bittersweet-we may have a good home for our foster...

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CK Angel- Ryder- Knowles

I'm a Carolina- Kitten in New- York!
Purred: Thu Feb 16, '12 7:24am PST 
A friend of my catsitter has friends who are coming ot meet Delilah, our foster, on Friday evening. It looks like a 'go', I have great feelings about them so far. They had a cat go to Rainbow Bridge at 21, another they stood by and supported in a struggle with nasal cancer, getting her chemo and every supportive therapy possible.
They have a lovely home I'm going to see today, and a home in Vermont they go to in the Summer with their cat.
They seem lovely.

We've all grown attatched to Delilah, but this in my heart I feel, as painful as it is for us, the right thing to do. My friend who does foster says 'this is the day you pray for and cry about after'.

That said, our 7 month old kitten is Delilahs playmate. We know he's going to miss her. He has 2 big brothers here, and a slightly older sister to play with. My two eldest girils don't care for his antics.

But he and Delilah are like little kids who play all the time.

How do we help him get through this too?

Debbie, CK and the KG's Cats mom.