Brothers~MUST stay together

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Purred: Tue Sep 13, '11 8:47am PST 
I have 2 boy kittens in need of a home. They along with their 7 brothers and sisters were dumped in a bucket in the woods to starve. There are a few requirements., however....whoever adopts them must take both, we will NOT separate them.,They are very bonded. I want to talk to and meet potential adopters. If it does not work out we want them brought BACK to us..not to a shelter!..no questions asked! They are just not going to the first person who says. "i want a kitten"....yes kittens are cute, but they grow up to be adults, in a very short amount of time, adult cats who are just as cute and need just as much love and a place to call home as a kitten does....im honestly thinking about offering to help with the neutering of one kitten ( we can discuss it) i don't want these little guys out there making more unwanted kittens frown. After bottle feeding them they have become very attached to me and it will be hard to see them go, but we have 4 cats of our own.one of their sisters was checked out at the vet and got a clean bill of health....they are bout 7-8 weeks, and they are eating hard and soft food on their own, and have mastered the litter box....they prefer my big cats litter boxes to their own smaller one..lol..they are GREAT with children and dogs & other cats
Their names are Frodo& Sam~Frodo is the feisty one, he loves exploring and is VERY vocal..he will let you know when he is hungry and wont stop till he has his way ..then Sam is more laid back and cautious. not nearly as vocal but loves to snuggle and LOVES to eat! Frodo will climb all they way up the stairs to my bedroom in the morning to let me know he is hungry...(even though i leave food and water out by their bed at night)

My kids named them because they say they are on a journey together and they were found in the woods..lol..Frodo is the tinier more feisty one...then of coarse Sam is the slower pudgy one..lol!

hope to hear from some interested cat lovers!