Rescued kittens in Millington, TN

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Sunflower &- Honeybee

Purred: Fri Aug 5, '11 8:00am PST 
"We are a pretty pair of sisters looking for our forever home. We've had a rough start to our lives: born under an old abandoned house, skinny and hungry and dirty. Then our foster mom and dad found us and EVERYTHING changed! Now we're all healthy and happy, with food and warm beds and these wonderful things called TOYS!! Won't you come see us? And play with us, and cuddle us? Maybe even...take us home?

Oh, and we also have another sister that doesn't have pictures yet: Ladybug. She looks a lot like Honeybee, except her stripes are all swirly (she's a classic tabby). Ladybug loves to purr and cuddle, and she has the cutest gravelly meow when she wants attention. Ladybug has already been spayed!!

We live in Millington, TN (zip code 38053), and our foster mom and dad only want to adopt us out to people that they can meet in person. In fact, we'd love it if you can come by and meet us kittens too!"

Sunf lower is the sleek black beauty, and Honeybee is a pretty little spotted tabby.

My husband and I don't normally do rescue work (our own 4 cats are enough to keep us hopping), but we were out for a walk and passed by an old house scheduled to be demolished to make way for a road widening project...and we saw kittens running around. It turns out that there were 10 adults, 15 kittens, and 2 newborns! We called everyone we could think of, but we got nowhere: everyone was either full up, too busy with their own rescue operations, or just didn't care. So, we bought some feral cat traps, cleared out our spare bedroom, and got to work!

All of the adults have been spayed/neutered and sent to a lovely farm with a woman who takes care of ferals and other cats that can't get homes. The newborns were rejected by their mother in the midst of all the upset, so we're raising them by hand and plan to adopt them ourselves. About half of the kittens had been living on their own too long to be readily adoptable, so we had them all spayed and neutered and sent them to the farm to live with their parents.

That left a handful of kittens that were just too sweet and playful and cuddly to be sent to a farm! Whereas the others would be just as happy with or without humans, these guys really need a furrever home. We adopted out four of them already; Honeybee and Sunflower were captured a bit later, so they needed a bit more time to settle down before they could go up for adoption, and now they're ready!

Both Sunflower and Honeybee are beautiful little girls. They're great about using the litterbox, they've been treated with anti-flea medication, they've had their first and second deworming, and they get along great with both other kittens and adult cats. (They haven't had the chance to meet dogs or kids yet.) We're happy to adopt them out individually or as a pair!

If you're interested, give us a call at 901-290-3728 or send an email to JJones3728@yahoo.com. We're only adopting out to people that we can meet in person (we'd be glad to have you over to meet the kittens, too). Also, we are asking for a $30 deposit that will be FULLY refunded once you send us proof that you've had your kitten(s) spayed/neutered.


I found my- Furever home!!!
Purred: Sat Aug 6, '11 1:14pm PST 
Purrs and headbonks to you for rescuing those cats and kittens! I wish I lived closer. Keeping our paws crossed you find loving homes for those babies!! Bless you!! hail

Sunflower &- Honeybee

Purred: Sun Aug 7, '11 1:52pm PST 
Thanks, Shortcake smile Purrs and headbonks back to you laugh out loud

Hm, slight correction... Turns out the vet made a mistake in the paperwork: "Ladybug" is a boy! So we're naming him Bumblebee instead. Poor guy--we've been calling him our 'little Lady' all this time.