Hoping to bring home a rescued kitty today!

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Hi Catsters,

Kona's mom here: I met a very sweet kitty at the county shelter yesterday! She is a 3-4 year old tabby. Her days were numbered at the shelter and she is WAY to sweet to let the unthinkable happen to her. I lost my cat, Jackson, just over a week ago and wasn't sure I was ready to adopt another cat so soon, but a friend who volunteers at the shelter told me about "Shortcake". I somewhat reluctantly went to meet her yesterday but when she held out her little paw and curled her toes around my finger..awwwww! She was turned in as a stray (had also been declawed, bless her heart!). Anyway, since the shelter staff don't know what her previous home situation was, we are not sure how she will adapt to a home with another cat and a dog. I will make the introduction slowly, I already have the guest bathroom set up for her. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this as stress-free as possible, I'd love to hear. Keep your fingers crossed all will go well. I'm so excited!

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Concatulations! Good luck with the new kitty! wavedancingcheerway to gohugpartyparty

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Hi. I remember you from the other thread. It sounds like this new kitty was meant to be! We've gone through intros twice in the past year and the short advice is go slow...which you already said you plan on doing. After the under door hissing/growling lessens some, I found it helpful to let the new cat out in a carrier, so they can see each other without full out confrontation. (Some say a screen door or cracked door work well too.) I also found that letting the new cat explore the main living area while the old cat is sleepy or sleeping worked well...the old cat just couldn't muster the energy to be offended. And the new cat saw that there is a cat, but they are just a sleepy lump...no threat for now anyways. Lets see...scent swapping (by rubbing each with a sock or small towel) and sharing meal time or treats (when being in the same room is appropriate) are other helpful things.

I hope things go well for you!


Grouchy cats- need luv too!!
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Thanks for the great advice, Emily's mom! "Shortcake" is home with us now and oh my gosh...what a sweetheart!! I think she will settle in fine here, she's already sniffed the dog under the door and she rubbed her head on the door like she was marking the dog as "hers"! lol!! My resident cat is acting like she could care less...so far no drama! Now I just have to think of an appropriate name for her and I'll add her to Catster! Thanks, again!

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Welcome to "Shortcake" and BLESS you for rescuing this little sweetheart from the shelter. We all think Jackson sent her to you. Glad to hear she is doing so well, cats seem to know when they have adopted a good person.

We can't wait to see her CATSTER page, know her new name and welcome her here.

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We think 'Shortcake is a cute name. Anyway, cheer for you saving her!


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Good for you saving her, the power of the puuuuur chain scores again dancing


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So happy you adopted "Shortcake"! Can't wait to see her grow up here on Catster! You are an angel!cheerhappy dance


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What a lovely name for a sweetie......I can't wait until we see her picture.....remember to make those introductions slow...even though it seems like it is going well now....keep a watchful eye.....

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Congratulations to you, Shortcake and the others in your family! cheer way to gohappy dance cloud 9 dancingsmileapplausebig grinapplause