Kitten needing foster home-San Fernando Valley, Calif

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Purred: Wed Jun 1, '11 8:15am PST 
Dictated to Roscoe from Mom: Recently we have had two more kittens come into our yard. We think that someone might be dumping them at the school behind us. The one I am more concerned about is a beautiful female kitten. She is about 6 months old, and she and her brother showed up in our garage a couple of months ago. We took her to get fixed, shots, testing, and ear tipping with her brother. (Poor thing was pregnant). In the weeks that followed, she became docile and we are able to pet her and hold her for a few seconds (lol). However, her brother is scared, and only shows up for food. She looks possibly part Burmese or Siamese. We thought she was black, but is becoming the color of Mink, and chocolate brown, with a tiny patched of white on her chest.

We are unable to take in anymore cats inside our home. We are renting from my in-laws, and they have stated that they do not want us to have anymore cats. We are taking care of a ferral momma cat who brought kittens into our yard last October (we took one in, and adopted out the rest to a friend down the street). Our friend tried to integrate Momma kitty into her ferral colony, but momma came back to us, so we make sure that she is under the radar when my in-laws come over. HOWEVER, the new kitten is very territorial, and is chasing momma away. I want to give the kitten a chance in life, bacause she is quite tame, but also want to make sure that Momma cat has a mellow place to stay. She has been jumping the fence to get away from the kitten.

If anymore knows of anybody that can help foster her, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Michelle (dictated to Roscoe)