Lou, KY - Homeless needing homes for cats

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We recently lost our house, then tried renting only to have Electric company pull the rug the rest of the way out, now were living in a bedroom with 12 cats and need to find homes for some of them quickly so as not to anger our family, really don't want to take them to shealter even a No Kill because they don't deal well with cages.
What ever help you can give I would gladly appreciate it.



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ok. im kinda confused how can a electric company take your home. an electic company provide elecricty to your house so that u have lights and power. i do know that if u dont pay it they can shut off and keep of till u pay it. i dont think they can remove u from your home.

anyway u can post ads online or the newspaper. if u do that u should not give them away for free u should ask for small adoption fee. u can also ask ur neighbors or friends or family members or coworkers if they can adopt some of the cats. good luck and hope that the cats find a home soon.

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A no kill shelter would likely place your cats in foster homes, so I don't think cages would be an issue.
Here is a list of those shelters close to you:


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Nellie, Thanks for your response
the electric company didn't take the house,(we were renting it and had to terminate our lease) we had to leave it due to no heat and it was still winter weather we we're getting sick as were the animals, it had nothing to do with nonpayment they reconfigured the bill due to falty meter which stuck us with a huge unpayble bill... so now we're living with a family member who at first was more than ok with us being here knowing our situation how many animals we had, we were totally upfront now he's changed his mind but hasn't kicked us out he's just nitpicking over anything he can to be unreasonable.

Thanks for your suggestions though we do have them online, unfortunatly don't have the money to put adds in papers but we have
flyers up in pet stores & vet offices, praying we get a call but so far nothing...

Please keep us in your prayers.