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Dillon-Caesa- r-Charmin-So- crates

The Clan
Purred: Sat Mar 26, '11 10:37am PST 
OK, y'all. Someone dumped a little boy cat on my back door three weeks ago. The clan did not chase him off so he stays.

This brings it up to 21. And I'm getting rather irked at people who think I'm a drop off. I know times are hard and it is ever harder to find a place that will care for a cat and not put it down. I just have a limit.



Purred: Sun Mar 27, '11 3:26am PST 
At least there are kind souls like you who are willing to take them in! It's hard to say no, even when the numbers start becoming unreasonable, there's always one more who needs help.
I just wish people would be responsible - but I think, maybe they think that they are being responsible, and that dumping them on the animal person is the right thing to do!

My mom has the same problem - not only with drop off cats, but dogs too!
Sadly there aren't any shelters in the area, so when they dump their animals with my mom it's better than the fate that usually befalls them when their owners decide they don't want them anymore. Mom's at her limit now and she just has 11 cats.


I am the Love- Monster.
Purred: Mon Mar 28, '11 9:21pm PST 
I am fortunate to live on a tiny farm surrounded by several huge farms. We all have our weakness - for one it's horses, another cattle, another goats. My fit is felines.

At the end of the day, the cathouse has plenty of room and 2 more cups of rawfed won't kill me. There are local no cost resources to make sure each and every cat is fixed and tested and vetted. I do get tired now and then.