Raw-fed kitty needs a home

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Hi there,

Solomon is an awesome kitty at the Beatrice Animal Shelter in Beatrice, Nebraska. We have battled chronic diarrhea with him for the longest time, and finally found that the only thing that helps is a raw diet. His diarrhea cleared up within 3-4 days of starting it. We are now having a tough time finding an adopter for him who is willing to work with the raw diet.

I'm asking for your help in spreading the word about Solomon, and hopefully someone who is familiar with the raw diet or isn't afraid to try it will come forward and give this sweet boy a home.

Although we take very good care of our kitties, I hate seeing him grow up in our shelter - he needs to be in a home. He is so laid back and loving - a total shoulder cat with so much love to give.

I'll get a Catster page for him soon, but until then, here is the link to his PetFinder page.


Message me with any questions or advice you may have. Thank you!


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Maybe you could post in the raw fed forum too? Just in case someone there isn't checking this thread?