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My workplace wants me to get rid of my cats...

This is a special section for cats needing new homes and for inspiring stories of cats that have found their furever home through Catster or through the love and energy of rescuers. This is also the place to discuss shelters, rescue organizations, rescue strategies, issues, solutions, etc. and how we can all help in this critical endeavor. Remember that we are all here for the love of cat! If you are posting about a cat that needs a new home, please put your location in the topic of your thread so those close by can find you! Make sure to check out Catster's cat adoption center!

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Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Sun Feb 6, '11 4:20pm PST 
Pawsone Post Lowell

~Grizzly~- Angel much- missed

Catch it before- it catches you!
Purred: Sun Feb 6, '11 5:27pm PST 
Dear Lowell's mom,

Thank you for your very concise and well written response. I apologize for your hurting your feelings - that was NOT my intent.
From reading many of your posts, I perceive you to be a woman of very high intelligence and integrity. I only wanted you to start thinking about what you need to do, in the event you are to be let go from your position - not what your employer was trying to do to you.
I do sympathize with you and I hope you will overcome your recent difficulties. But precipitously putting ALL of your lovely cats up for adoption made me angry. I think you love them far more than that.
I know you have cats that you would like to sell, or at least place in good homes, but to put all of them up for adoption broke my heart.
Please accept my apology.


Regional Winner!
Purred: Sun Feb 6, '11 5:35pm PST 
Thank you. I accept your apology. I acted rashly out of sheer panic. You will notice that my cats are no longer up for adoption. Kittens will get sold, some cats will be rehomed when they are older, but my core group of kitties will stay with me as long as we are all still drawing breath. I understand now why you were so angry. Communication is the key.


Regional Winner!
Purred: Sun Feb 6, '11 5:38pm PST 
Grizzly--I've always considered you one of my Catster friends. That's why I was surprised by your post.

Catster HQ

Purred: Mon Feb 7, '11 10:29am PST 

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