How do you attach a picture to a post.

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Purred: Mon Jan 10, '11 12:42pm PST 
I wanted to attach a picture of the tiny kittens but i don't know how.


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Purred: Mon Jan 10, '11 4:16pm PST 
You can't attach a picture to a post. You can put the picture somewhere else and attach a link, or you can make a profile for the kittens as part of your family. You can indicate in their profile that they are adoptable if that's the issue.


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Purred: Tue Jan 11, '11 10:18am PST 
You can put a picture in a post so that when someone rolls their mouse over the link and description of the picture, the picture will appear within the post, like this:

Ashlynne giving Beepers a good licking

The picture must be on the internet first, though -- it must have a URL. You would need to upload it to someplace like Photobucket, Flickr or some other image hosting site. You could put it on your Catster page and then use the URL it receives that way, too. It must be the URL to the photo ONLY, though -- the image URL -- not the URL to the entire Catster page.

When you have the URL for the photo, go to this site:


(1) Enter the URL for the photo into the first box, where it says "Link (Picture/YouTube)."

(2) Enter the title or description for the photo in the 2nd box, where it says "Link Description."

(3) Click on the button for "Create Forum Code."

(4) IF the photo appears under the Preview area, then "copy" the code that appears within the biggest box, the one that says, "Copy and paste this code to your forum message." Then "paste" the code into your forums post. The picture will appear whenever anyone hovers their mouse over the description of the photo.

(If the photo does not appear in that Preview area, then you must clear the entries on that page and start over. You might have used the wrong URL or something else has gone wrong. Try again.)

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