Came home last week to find this cat in my driveway eating a toad...

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2 days after Christmas, we arrived home from a trip to the store to find this cat crouched in our driveway munching on a toad. Where he found a toad in December is beyond me but clearly he was hungry. I sent my older daughter in the house to get him a bowl of food (we already have 2 cats) and water while my other daughter walked over to look at him closer. I expected he would run away from her, but no, he practically jumped in her arms and then we couldn't get away from him.

Suffice it to say, he found the right bunch of suckers, lol. We decided to keep him and took him to the vet and got him all his shots, so now he is definitely staying with us. We think he may have been part of a feral cat colony that someone was doing catch and release on because he had already been neutered and the tip of his left ear had been cut off. But he also obviously had been around people at some point because he wasn't wild and was easily handled.

At any rate, best guess I have for him is that he is a DSH. His color is very interesting. I thought he was all black with a white patch on his neck and one on his belly. However, we discovered that in natural light or in flash photography, it's only his head, tail and feet that are black. His body and legs are a very dark chocolate brown. In bright light you can clearly see the line where the black on his neck meets the brown of his body. I've never seen this coloring on a cat before. So I'm not sure what color he would be classified as.

Does anyone have any ideas on what breed or mix he might be beyond DSH and has anyone seen this type of coloration before? I don't know how well my picture will show up of him. Oh, his name is Senka, which means shadow in Croatian/Serbian. He IS a little shadow, I just didn't want to be so obvious about it with his name. wink

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Can't help on what breedd or mix he might be, but BLESS you all for taking in this guy!!! I am a big sucker also....see the story behind Lizzie Bennett, who I will use as author of this post.

He is a good looking guy, and know he is enjoying his wonderful, furrever home....which is the best thing any cat (or dog) can have.

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Wow, that certainly is unusual coloring! His white spot looks a lot like mine, but I'm all grey. Whatever - bless you for giving him a loving home. I used to be feral, too - or at least, very afraid of people. But Mom was patient, and eventually, I let her into my life. I broke my leg a few years ago, and Mom even had that fixed, although it cost a bundle and a half! shock

Maybe you have the same sign on your house that Mom swears is on hers. It's invisible to humans (who have limited eyesight anywaylaugh out loud), but it's on the roof, and, in bright neon orange letters, it says, "A SUCKER LIVES HERE! laugh out loud

Mom doesn't know any foreign languages (college was a very long time agowink), so I'm just plain Shadow!way to go

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laugh out loud Shadow, that is hilarious about the invisible sign above your house. big laugh

My mom has a little garden flag that says "Cat Lover." Don't these humans know that we kitties can read? laugh out loud

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Hi Senka! Concatulations on your new home! Bless your family for taking you in. I just came to my new home on December 7. wave


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Well, I'm certainly glad the toad wasn't poisonous! They are here in Japan, at least the stuff they exude from their backs. As for the brown/black combination, I really don't know. Black cats sometimes look reddish/brownish in the sunlight, especially when they get elderly, but Senka's coloring is different. Brown without tabby markings is an unusual color for a domestic cat, and I've never seen it combined with black. My best guess is that Senka MAY have some Siamese genetic heritage. There are some purebred breeds that come in solid brown, such as the Havana Brown, the Burmese, and the Oriental Shorthair, but these are fairly unusual breeds compared to the Siamese, who were wildly popular in the days before breeders got fussy about spay/neuter requirements. Many cats have Siamese genetic heritage. It's just a guess, but the fact that the extremities and head are a darker color could be related to the fact that Siamese coloration is darker in those areas. In any event, it's a very striking coloration.


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Thank you all for your nice responses! We are glad that Senka chose us as his new family, because really, we didn't go out looking for another cat intentionally. We were purrfectly happy with the 2 we already had. But we just couldn't turn this little guy away, nor was he going to let us, as he kept at our heels following us around with every step we took when we first found him in the driveway. I think we were awarded with his affection once we brought him some actual cat food and he could let go of that nasty old toad he was trying to eat. After that we couldn't get away from him.

We've been lucky that our other 2 cats seem to be accepting Senka into the fold. Not at first, mind you, but that is to be expected. There was growling and hissing going on for a few day and some batting of heads if they got too close to each other but no all out brawls. Now a week and a half later, I'm not hearing any more growling or hissing and they will sometimes all be at the food or water bowl together, peacefully.

We initially though Senka was a girl. But the more I looked the more I thought he might be a neutered male. The tip of his left ear has been cut off and a friend of mine mentioned that sometimes they do that to cats in feral colonies who have been caught, neutered and then released so it is easy to see who's been fixed and who hasn't. I was happy to find out that he was indeed a he and had already been neutered.

I thought he was a young cat, not even a year old yet. He's small and I knew he was underweight. But he has long legs and a long body and just looked like a young cat that still had some growing to do. I was surprised when the vet said she thought he was around 2 based on his teeth and the tartar that was there. So now, all 3 of the cats are around the same age. I look forward to many happy years ahead with these guys. I do wonder if being out in the wild and eating whatever they can catch/scavenge can make a cat's teeth "age". Speaking of his teeth, he has very long top fangs. You can seem them sometimes even when his mouth is closed. They're huge. He's like a little vampire kitty, lol.

Lowell, what you said about the possible Siamese in him could be accurate. Senka's build is lean and lanky, somewhat reminiscent of a Siamese. And even though I expect he'll put on a little weight, he's got a different build than my other 2 cats. I think he's always going to have a lean lanky look to him. His coloring is just so unique to me. His fur is very glossy and soft and smooth. He has absolutely no markings or striping patterns that I can see, not even ghosted ones.

He is a terrible little beggar! The second you open the fridge he's poking his nose in it. In fact, he sleeps on a throw rug right by the fridge so he can be right there as soon as the door opens. And watch out if you sit on the couch with any food. We definitely have to work on some manners with him. Senka is definitely not a lap cat, but he still craves and cherishes affection. Just has to be when HE wants it, lol. But isn't that the way it is with most cats?laugh out loud

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Stacey, I share your mystery...meet Jadyn, the chocolate cat. She's also darker on head, paws and tail...though that's subtle. She's a former member of the "feral squadron", my name for the various feral cat colonies in my Housing development. She was born under my house in the spring of '09, adopted into my house that summer...somewhat feral, but less so than her half-brother Wesley, who was born under my house that fall around Halloween, and walked into our house about five months later...I'd managed to get a rescue to neuter him and they'd catnapped his pregnant momcat and sister the day they released him. Jadyn and Wes are both a lot like your Senka...NOT solitary souls. Loneliness drove the little guy into my house more than hunger, I was already feeding him.
I'm starting to think there's something going on with either abandoned Siamese mixes, abandoned Burmese (who come in four colors, not just brown), or else brown is just somehow not quite as rare as was believed?

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I am Wesley, Jadyn's little brother...sorry about your ear, Senka. Same thing happened to mine. It started out as a notch, but the tip ended up going...shrug I guess if I'd told them I was just going right inside they wouldn't have bothered...so you eat toads? I like pizza.