I guess there is no happy ending for these loving kitties

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Cats canes- regula
Purred: Sat Dec 18, '10 9:04am PST 

I've tried for a week to find these two loving (just jump in your lap and rub all over you) playful friendly cats to no avail. People only want young kittens 6 weeks old (and say so in their ads). Rescue organizations do not return my phone calls or emails. I live in an unincorporated part of the county so the city shelter will not let me drop them off. My only choice is to leave them in a cage outside my home and call the sheriff and HOPE they come along to pick them up to an uncertain fate (they only get animals during business day M-F and I have to work). I'm so upset. I'm crying how incredibly uncaring the situation is for animals in my area.

Calie- Dreamette- #17

calico girl girl
Purred: Sat Dec 18, '10 11:20pm PST 
Oh my goodness I hate to hear that no one wants the kitties, it is so awful the way the kitties are looked over once they pass the "kitten" stage. So are there not any "no kill" shelters in your area at all Have you already checked with all your friends, family, church comunity, ex-co-workers co-workers and their families? This is some of the places I went to when I wanted to find homes for kitties, and an ex-co-worker put me in touch with a person that adopted one of the kitties.