On a knife-edge......poor 'Jimmy Riddle'......

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Jimmy Riddle

I have come- home...maybe....
Purred: Sun Dec 26, '10 5:40am PST 
Dear People and Pussycats.....especially:

Teddy Bearz (my, what a BIG boy you are....I am big too, although my Meouwmy has not weighed me....however I am also becoming FAT, I think, because the Meouwmy is so happy to have me safe that she feeds me often....!!!)

Boris....so nice to hear from you....your Meouwmy had the same thing wrong with her as my new Meouwmy had at the beginning of this year, didn't she? The new Meouwmy is aware of the furless kitten that your family has....we hope you are all doing ok...

Gleshka....thank you for your letter.....so nice to hear from new friends......BUT.....the Catnip.....!!! My new kitty-family are into Catnip BIG-TIME.....even the (very unfriendly)Tambolina.....when my new Meouwmy has finished writing here she will try me with some Catnip.....but, I do not know......I mean, is it not a 'Class A' drug?
However, I will try it and let you know how I get on.......

Dear, dear People and Pussycats.......This is not going to become an 'ongoing saga' like the dreaded 'Coronation Street' on English TV.......but my new Meouwmy has a few minutes spare and wanted to help me to write to all you wonderful pussycats......

We are not doing too well in the 'get everycat to love Jimmy' campaign.....Miss Lillie likes me (I think) but the Tambolina has hissy-fits and goes into strong hysterics when she sees me..she throws herself down on the floor and drums her paws, shouting: 'No, no......it is all that old bugger's fault' (referring to the Grandad Conrad, I believe...she thinks he sent me to my new family)...!!!! and Colin just follows me around, slinkily......it makes me a bit nervous......

ANYWAY......the Meouwmy says that she will now try me with some Catnip......EEEEEkkkkkk...!!!

Much love to all......


Jimmy Riddle

I have come- home...maybe....
Purred: Sun Dec 26, '10 8:10am PST 
Dear All......

So much has happened since my last post to you all, I really feel I must tell you.......

The new Meouwmy was interested in my possible antecedents and started looking on the internet under 'GenesAnonymous.com' on my behalf and guess what? It looks like I MIGHT be related to the famous cat 'James Riddell' who was Oliver Cromwell's cat and stood firmly behind him when he took over Parliament...Is that not exciting? Apparently James Riddell was well known for his mouse catching ability and caught Oliver Cromwell's lunch for him many times while he was so busy with killing the king.....

Also.....I MIGHT be related to the (also) famous 'Seamus O'Riddle' who, in 1916 helped Yeats write his wonderful poem 'A Terrible Beauty is Born' (about the Easter Uprising in Ireland)......he also (as far as I am aware, although I am NOT sure) wrote (single pawed) Yeat's poem 'Byzantium' while Yeats was busy with other things....read it, it is good......

It is lovely to know that I have (or might have) a past....antecedents stretching back down the years......THAT is something that I can tell the Tambolina when she has a go at me.....(although I know that she, too, has a very long pedigree)...

ANYWAY...... to all my new friends out there......have any of you got any illustrious forebears? Please let me know if you have? SO interesting....!!!

Jim (or James or Seamus)


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Wed Jan 5, '11 8:51am PST 
Dear People and Pussycats......'Rescues, Adoptions and Happy Endings' are all very well and good......but what happens after that?

Let me explain.......We caught Jimmy in the cat-trap in the biting cold and we got him into the warm.......good, great......BUT we now have to get him and my other cats together......Tambolina and Lil are ok with him.....but Colin keeps glaring at him and stalking him and fighting him and making his life a misery......!!! Jim is becoming nervous, and looking to be let out more and more.....(we will not let him out until Spring because there is much more bad weather to come).....

This post needs to go onto the 'Behaviour' forum.......please look there.......

Thank you....

Jan (and Tambolina, the evil little cow, who waits hopefully for the next power-struggle between Colin and Jim....!!!)

Natalie the- Natcat,- Forever

Show some- respect,- youngster!
Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 8:50am PST 
Dear Jimmy, Tambolina and company.
I tell you bitterly, you will need to deal with it. Living together, I mean. It does get better. I don't much like having the other cats around me-but my parents will not give them up. They are fond of them.
Bella is the 'Senior' in cats being here. And I can tell by the way my mom looks at her, she's going nowhere soon. Bella is a semil long haired cat, with a small head. After that, there is Orange Ruffy. Then, the RB-Smokieboo. I would, if I could, be the only cat. But there is some truth to the matter, to be honest, when mommy says it is because of her love of us, felines, that we are all here. I was very unhappy in the rescue, though they loved me there and took good care of me. I was still in a cage. Still, so much better off than some.
My vet believes the RB is, well, 'that'. A 'Russian Blue'. So what? I say. Yes, he looks like one, so what? However, my mother believes I have a touch of 'Abbysinian' in me. But I believe I am one of a kind!
My advice to you, is as one of the Elder-wise, sigh, is deal with it. When I see the other felines here, I know at least that Mommy and Daddy will look after all of us. And Jimmy, I am the last cat in, too, so can relate to that. Hold your head up. You are so handsome! And a lovely, strong looking likely fellow! If you go for older ladies, perhaps sometime perhaps we could take milk together? Ah, I forgot-you are on the other side of the 'pond' as my mother would say. But maybe we could fish in the pond, what do you say?
And Tambolina, you are very lovely and quite wonderful. I thank you so much for my purrs and good wishes. Back to napping now...kitty


Patch - wallpaper- stripper
Purred: Fri Jan 21, '11 10:41am PST 
I am sooo glad you have him/her, it was absolutely foul weather here in Milton Keynes, never known it so bad in 11 years have lived here.

We have a cat we belive is a stray coming here too, we call him big ginge, he sometimes comes into the bedroom we use for the cats (we live in a bungalow and the back door is in the bedroom), we put food out for him too.


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Mon Apr 11, '11 7:18am PST 
Dear People and Pussycats.......there is an update to Jimmy Riddle's story......I have put a new thread (but on a very old and well worn problem (but no less frightening for all that)) on 'Cat Health'......

Jimmy has crystals in his urine.....he is now on a diet of 'Royal Canin Urinary S/O' that the vet has told us to give him......

Please look on 'Cat Health' and put your two-pennyworth in, if you would like to,........any thoughts are welcome......


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