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alley cat- angel

Miss Alley girl- girl
Purred: Wed Nov 24, '10 6:31pm PST 
Hi I am tiny that is my sister alley in the picture becasue mom has not got the rest of our pictures up yet she just started with alley's cause she was so sad after my sister alley died with FIP. I wanna tell the rest of the story.
My fur mom was a stray cat abaonded by her family and pregnant with us my human mom found out we had been born and told the lady taking care of my fur mom she wanted to catch us all and get us healthy so we could have out own forever homes. I was the first kitty she caught cause I couldn't see my eyes were infected and I had an upper resportory (SP?) infection so I didn't run from her shock My name's tiny but I am just about the biggest kitty in my familylaugh out loudLittly boy my adopted older brother is still a little larger than me but not much. I am aprox 1.5 years old now and the doc. says I am healthy 1.2 years ago they all were thinking I was not going to make it mom is so good and she prayed over us all that we would have loving kitty cat home, only my brother wiley was adoped out we all stayed here in mom's house with the two kitties she alreaedy had BooBoo and little boy so there are five of us since alley died but mom and dad have a big two story house with kitty trees and houses lots of toys and hidey places. mom wishes she could save all the kitties in need of help we are so glad she found us and kept us together. Mom helped the lady that had taken care of our fur mom get all the kitties in the "colony" fixed and returned to the "colony" so they won't have more kittens that need homes kinda sad my fur mom had to go back there after she got her shots and was fixedcry but my human mom already had two kitties and there were five of us kittens needing homes. Our human mom checks on Ivey that is our fur mom often and she is doing ok in the colony she is the only "tame" kitty there. If mom can find here a forever home she is going to take her from the colony life. Thanks for taking time to read my long story.