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This is a special section for cats needing new homes and for inspiring stories of cats that have found their furever home through Catster or through the love and energy of rescuers. This is also the place to discuss shelters, rescue organizations, rescue strategies, issues, solutions, etc. and how we can all help in this critical endeavor. Remember that we are all here for the love of cat! If you are posting about a cat that needs a new home, please put your location in the topic of your thread so those close by can find you! Make sure to check out Catster's cat adoption center!

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Ava 4 ever- Mommy's- Angel

Mommy's Angel
Purred: Sat Nov 20, '10 8:27pm PST 
Thanks for the update....wish the kitty luck! Kisses, Ava


Even the sun- loves me.
Purred: Sat Nov 20, '10 11:26pm PST 
Look, he put the cat out so I cannot see him as the legitimate caregiver of this kitty any longer. We have a law out here in the mountains. You feed it, you own it. People like that guy just make me grind my teeth and growl.

Keep us abreast of the outcome, please?

Kitty Pryde

Purred: Mon Nov 22, '10 2:47pm PST 
thanks furrrs-Scooter, we agree with you too! we are doing our best and are grateful this woman is helping us and is so concerned-she really is a true angel for all these animals she helps out considering she never even met us before we asked a furrriend for help. we will keep you posted!


I\\\\\\\'m- sooooooooooo- cute
Purred: Tue Nov 23, '10 10:36am PST 
All depends on city ordinances but mostly cats running around are fair game. It is different if you were to take the cat out of their backyard, that is tresspassing and stealing property. And from the cats POV, if he is neglected and roaming it is in his interest to find a family that will care for him.
Our mom does rescue, she lists cats that are adults and neutered as found(could be a lost cat, a partner dispute and somebody dumped partners pet to get back at her etc) Or kittens under 6 mos. But over that and if they are roaming owner has no right.
For example with me I fed at their feral colony 5 years before they took me in b/c I got so sick. Owner turned up and wanted me back but he was going to let me roam so mom ask to surrender me to her, he did it. She didn't adopt me but I'm one of her foster cats(I got declawed and thrown out geez and now I'm 9 so can't go out again)

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