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Purred: Fri May 15, '09 8:40am PST 
Our rescue got a litter of 4 kittens, about 5 wks. old on Tues. The first foster had them for a few days, and then we were asked to take them last night because we are more experienced fosters. The problem with them is that their back feet are turned out, maybe at about a 45 degree angle, making them look like a frog or a bunny. They are not really having a problem walking, except on the hardwood floor. Then their back legs slide out to the side.

We are just wondering if anyone else has seen this in kittens this age. Is it a problem with the bones, joints, tendons?? Will it correct itself as they get older?? We did a little research on the web, but have not come up with too much. It was thought at first that this may be CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasis), but we had CH kitties before and this doesn't look like that.

We are authorized to make a vet appt. whenever, and Mama may take them on Tues. - her day off. She is torn between doing that and just waiting a week or two to see if this is something that will correct itself as they walk around more and build up their muscles, etc.

We don't know much about their background except they were born to an indoor/outdoor cat whose owner was a real jerk. He brought the kittens in because he "didn't want" them, and he didn't want the mama either. Unfortunately, we have no room for adults right now, so we are going to spay the mama for him next week. He didn't really care, because he said he was just going to put her back outside again.

Thanks for listening!!applause We hope this is just a minor thing they will grow out of. Even if they don't, we feel they walk well enough to be adoptable when the time comes.

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I'd be surprised if all the kittens had the same deformity. You could take one to the vet to see if there is an issue. Do you have pictures?


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Purred: Fri May 15, '09 2:36pm PST 
No pics, as we just got them last night. We found a thing on the web that suggest it may be their tendons. Another says it may be a viral infection before birth, or a vitamin deficiency.

A vet visit be in order in the future.

By the way, your babies are just ADORABLE!!applause

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Are the kittens presenting with both back legs affected?
Do you notice any patellar displacement? (Can you see the "kneecap" protruding to the medial or lateral side?
The patella dislocated to the inside of the knee joint is termed a medial luxation or to the outside of the knee joint where it is termed a lateral luxation)
Are the kittens stretching with their back legs out behind them and then able to walk in a more "normal" gait?
Do the kittens ever appear unable to bend their back legs at their "knee?"
Medial patellar luxation is often congenital

Are the kittens drinking excessively? Are urine voids increased in output from other kittens you have fostered?
Is there any smell of acetone on their breath?
Diabetic cats can develop a condition known as diabetic “neuropathy,” or nerve damage. Any weakness, especially in the hind legs or back in a diabetic cat may be signs of this condition.

Either way, as you have already said "A visit to the vet is in order."

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I was just like that when I was tiny too QUINCY.
Mum said that I looked like a seal when I walked, she did physiotherapy
on my back legs to strengthen them. Just putting the palm of her hand against the bottom of my paws & gently pushing so that I pushed against her hand, In a couple of weeks I was walking as well as my brother & sister & you wouldn't know that I ever had a problem.
It might help to try this with the kittens.
Our vet said that he thought that I might not have had enough room before I was born.

Good luck with them.

Emma Barrett

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Bless the rescue group and your family. for taking in these kittens and there mama. We can't help with the question on the leg deformities, but you have gotten excellent advice from other CATSTERS. Hissessss to that creep who had the mama kitty, who says he will just put her outside again. Any chance your rescue group could find her a good home?

Purring that the kittens stay well and adopte good people - we would also love to see photos!! All of us have been to the vet, so no kittens in our house.....but our meowmy loves to see photos of new kittens.

Hugs - The New Orleans Kitties and Meowmy


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Purred: Sun May 17, '09 4:47pm PST 
Thank you all for your answers!!applause

Nuk - we will look up the patellar thing you mentioned, but their knees look normal. They never walk with feet normal - even after stretching. Not sure how much they are peeing cause we're using clay litter, and their breath just smells like can food. Can kittens this young be diabetic?? Thanks for the info though - we've come across many things in our 4 yrs of fostering and may just come across those things too someday.

Merlin - I'm glad that you answered!!big grin Mama will try the exercises that you mentioned. The first foster was wondering if maybe they were kept in a cramped space after birth, like a small box, where their feet didn't grow right, but then there wouldn't have been enough room for the Mama cat to nurse them. It makes more sense that this happen in utero. One of the four doesn't have it either, so maybe he had more room. The first foster said they were walking better in the 2 days she had them, and Mama thinks they are better since she got them Thurs. Except for the legs sliding out here and there on the hardwood and tile floors, you wouldn't know anything was wrong unless you actually saw the feet.

Emma - Unfortunately, we don't have the Mama cat. We don't know if the jerk brought her in or just the kittens. We just don't have room for anymore adults as sad as that is.cry The best we can do is spay her so she doesn't have anymore kittens, and hope he continues to at least feed her and such. We do have some pics of kittens on my page, but they are different ones that were born here 8 1/2 wks. ago. Two of them have homes together already!!applause The calico and the dark one (she is a tortie, but more black then orange). The other 3 will be going to Petco next weekend. Maybe Mama will put these guys on my page too, or start a page for all her rescued kittens. That would be a cool idea - to rotate her current kittens on a adopt me page!! You are the inspiration for that idea. Thanks!!

Thanks Again Everyone - you and Catster are just the Best!!!happy dance