Siamese Cat in Toronto Needs a Foster Home

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Tatiana - Queen of the- Household
Purred: Sat Jun 4, '05 3:05pm PST 

O.R.A. (Organization for the Rescue of Animals) has a 4 yr old purebred Siamese cat that needs a foster home ASAP.

The founder of the organization, Claudia, contacted me because they have run out of foster homes. We adopted our last cat, Bailey from them. They STRONGLY believe in no-kill.

Apparently, this cat's owner died and the neighbour has taken in the cat. However, the husband is allergic and Claudia has until Sunday at 2:00pm to find this cat a foster home (or to be adopted) or else the neighbour will take the cat to a shelter.

Kittens are almost always adopted first, so Claudia is very concerned about what could happen to this cat.

We would take the cat as a foster, however, as most of you know, we have quite a zoo at home already!

So, I promised Claudia I would put out the word.
If any of you are interested, or if you know of anyone that would be interested, in just fostering for about 2 weeks or a possible adoption, please email me as soon as you can.

I will be checking my emails throughout tonight and tomorrow morning.

The cat is in Toronto, but I believe that O.R.A. can provide volunteers to transport the cat to wherever a possible home is.

If anyone has any questions, just let me know and I'll see what I can find out. I know I don't have too much info right now. I just want to help find this cat a foster home.

Please email me thru catster or at c_and_b2002@yahoo.com



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Purred: Sun Jun 5, '05 6:30pm PST 
Did you have any luck?

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Purred: Fri Jun 10, '05 4:38pm PST 
it seems I am too late. You posted on June 4th and it is now June 10th. I have a friend in the hamilton area that I am sure could and would have fostered. I wish I would have seen this sooner. Please let me know if this kitty is still in need of a foster home.


Tatiana - Queen of the- Household
Purred: Mon Jun 13, '05 7:24am PST 
Hi! I'm happy to say that Bowtie, the Siamese cat DID find a foster home quite quickly. I don't know if he's found a forever home, but at least that's a start.


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It is Dec 22nd and I would have adopted the cat. I have lost my 13 yr old Siamese and she is very deeply missed.
Merry Christmas