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My Edison's going to Heaven tomorrow.

Share advice for keeping your aging cat happy and healthy

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Saima *Rest- in peace- 10/5/2013

I love you so- much, Saima.- -Mama
Purred: Thu Oct 3, '13 8:16am PST 
I'm so terribly sorry. I feel very much the same as you because I will be having my kitty, Saima (15 yrs old), euthanized this Saturday morning. It is an awful feeling to know that in a few days my girl will no longer be there on my pillow every night. How unbearably sad it is to lose our animal family members, who we love so dearly and who love us in return. Their lives seem much too short. Bless you for loving Edison and caring for him. rainbowcry
--Margaret (Saima's mom)

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