Shadow crossed the bridge today......

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Princess Forever
Purred: Wed Jul 31, '13 4:18am PST 
Oh no...we feel for you now more than ever. To have one leave and then another is so terrible.
May they meet and help you through this difficult time. They always take a little bit of ourselves with them. It is hard to mend that hole in our heart. so sorry and we are here for you.....


Purred: Mon Aug 26, '13 6:42pm PST 
Today, August 26, Shadow's daughter Spaz crossed the bridge after a long battle with cryptococcosis, just 3 weeks after her 14th birthday. She appeared to be improving a few days ago, but her condition quickly deteriorated yesterday. She died peacefully in her sleep. Mother & daughter are now reunited over the bridge.

Pickles &- Cinders

Look at me! - Look at me!
Purred: Tue Aug 27, '13 11:25am PST 
Mom of Pickles and Cinders here. Sooo sorry for your losses! We recently lost our dear Cinders to cancer in May.....You are in my thoughts and prayers. little angel

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