Some Good News!

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Purred: Tue Mar 5, '13 12:29am PST 
Hello all of my fellow "old furts"!

This month is the anniversary month of my last seizure; I HAVE BEEN SEIZURE FREE FOR 2 YEARS NOW!!!!!!! partypartycat on mooncheerdancingcloud 9 and we take this time to reflect and say thank you for being there for us. You were all there through the worst of my illness. You supported mommy and sent me light, and healing and above all love. Some of you have traveled over the bridge in these two years, however, you are still in our hearts and out thoughts and we are thankful that you are watching over us. Much love to all, and as always the nippy ball (and nippy mice) are me cheer

Head bonks and sandpaper kisses!
Chiquitita and family


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Purred: Tue Mar 5, '13 4:01am PST 
Wonderful news Chiquita!!! I am new to Catster, but am LOVING it....especially my mom is loving it. Her cats are everything to her. She doesn't even mind when people call her the crazy cat lady!!! So I've only been on here a few months, but me and mom and my entire cat family is loving Catster! So very happy for you Chiquita!!!

Purrs and kisses,
Beep, Taffy, Stephano and Arwen


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Purred: Tue Mar 5, '13 10:48pm PST 
WOOO! That's PAW-SOME news! Thank you for sharing! Keep up the good work!


Definitely a reason to celebrate!


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Purred: Mon Mar 25, '13 3:42pm PST 
Wow Chiqi that is great! I remember when you were very sick, (we been here for a while!) and so glad that you are doing great. Heres to a long healthy happy life! party purrs, Maizy & family